A customer tried to download the internet

So I work at a call center for a pretty popular game company that still supports their older systems. Today, a customer had called in with a particularly interesting issue regarding a very old system.

Me: Thank you for calling support, my name is theboxfriend, how can I help you today?

Him: I’m having trouble downloading the internet

Me: You are trying to download the internet? Are you trying to update the internet app on your game system?

H: I’m trying to download the internet and it’s giving me an error

M: What is the error message you are receiving?

H: It’s telling me to download the web

M: Ok, sir, what exactly are you trying to do when you get this message to download the web?

H: Set it up

M: Well, sir, what are you trying to set up?

H: The internet because it says I need to download the web.

M: I understand that sir, but I’m not sure of exactly what you are trying to do when you receive that message.

H: I can’t get on youtube

M: So when you try accessing youtube are you being asked to download an update to your internet browser?

H: I don’t know, it’s just telling me to download the web when I set it up

M: Ok so it seems you are not using the youtube app and are trying to access the site using the browser on your system which has not received any updates in a few years. That browser is no longer supported and you will need to use the app

H: Oh ok

M: If you’d like, I can walk you through downloading the app to get you all set up

H: I’ll figure it out *click*

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if that’s what he was even trying to do because all of his answers were so vague

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