Couple tried it on, didn’t get their story straight.

I worked for a bank while there was a lot in the news about bank charges being unfair and as a result, the bank offered customers who complained 70% of their bank charges back. However, it was a goodwill gesture so the rule was that if they called up to reject the 70% offer, then the offer was immediately retracted. The logic being that if they were going to try and claim 100% of the charges anyway, there was no point offering 70%.

Then one day it was in the news that The High Court would be investigating the matter, and while that was going on, no banks would be offering any refunds. A woman called up and said

“Hi, you have made us an offer for these bank charges and we would like to accept that.”

I checked her information and there was a note on there from the advisor she spoke to last week. It explained that her and her husband had called up to reject our “pathetic and insulting offer” and that they would be taking the bank to court for all of their charges. The notes also detailed that the couple took turns to be unnecessarily abusive to the advisor.

I told her about the note and said that the offer no longer stood. She argued that she did call, but only called to say she MIGHT reject the offer, but wasn’t definite. The notes on her file suggested otherwise. Oh, and who the hell calls up to say they’re undecided? After some arguing, her husband who was in the background snatched the phone. He didn’t know that rejecting the offer meant it was retracted, as he had only heard his wife’s side of the conversation.

“Right, listen here you stupid little boy. Last week we called up to say we were rejecting the offer and this week we are calling up to say we are accepting the offer. Are you too stupid to understand that.”

Basically, he just confirmed what his wife had been denying. And that’s when I hear her in the background:

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO. You silly man.”

She then grabbed the phone and tried to say her husband made a mistake and didn’t know what he was talking about but I told her he had now confirmed what our notes say and the offer definitely no longer available.

As she was putting down the phone, I just heard her say “Oh Trevor you are bloody stupid sometimes.”

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