I’m gonna keep calling….

Working in the transportation industry is interesting. Sometimes the vans start running behind due to traffic, accidents, weather and events beyond our control. So, people start calling asking about their ride. I hate days when things run behind schedule, but this guy was the worst.

Me: XYZ transportation, how can I help you?

Caller: Where is my ride?

Me: Let me look. Can I have your name please?

Caller: it’s John.

Me: and your last name please John?

Caller: It was scheduled for a 6pm pick up. Where is the ride?

Me: I’m sorry we are late John (it’s 6:05pm). If I can have your last name, I will be able to help you.

Caller: I don’t care if you are sorry, I just want the ride. I want it now. Where is it?

Me: John, please give me your last name and I will look it up and see where your driver is.

Caller: if that van is not here in the next 5 minutes I’m going to keep calling you until you get it here.

Me: I’m really sorry John, but I really need your last name to look up your account and the ride.


I looked at the 50+ rides on the board for 6pm and none was for a “John”. Nothing I could do.

Me: XYZ transportation how can I help you?

Caller: WHERE IS MY RIDE?!?!

Me: Please give me your first AND last name and I will look it up for you.

Caller: it’s Fucking Smith! Now where is my ride?!?!

Me: Typed “Smith, John” into the search and surprise. No hits. I’m sorry Mr. Smith, I don’t see any transportation orders listed under your name.

Caller: I’m going to keep calling back until my ride gets here.

Me: I don’t have any ride listed or scheduled for you. Are you sure you wanted XYZ transportation?

Caller: WHERE IS THE RIDE? I’m going to to keep calling…

This goes on for the next 30 minutes. I got him a couple other times, and my co workers tried talking to him too without success. Some of our routes were running 30-45 minutes behind due to a large traffic accident on a main freeway causing detours and such. It sucks, but it happens and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

Me: XYZ Trans….

Caller: I’m never using your company again! Where. Is. That Ride?!?! My mother needs to get home to take her medicine!!

Me: Wait, what? your mother? What is her name?

Caller: You should have it there! The ride was scheduled for 6:pm and it after 6:30 now.

Me: WHAT. IS. HER. NAME?????

Caller : Agnes

Me: And her last name is????

Caller: it’s Jones.

Me: thank you! Yes I see a ride for Agnes Jones is en route. It is running behind due to an accident on the XX freeway. It should be there in about 10 minutes now.

Caller: it better be or I’m just going to keep on calling every 5 minutes until it does.

Calling will not clear traffic, melt snow or magically make a vehicle appear at the curb. Calling every few minutes causes more problems and stress, but expecting me to read your god damn mind pisses me off. Smh.

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