"I want it and I want it now!"

Just needed somewhere to rant after a long 12-hour shift taking calls, 95% angry customers. I get it, they want to make sure their orders arrive before Christmas, but some of these people just ask too much. We don’t have special powers. If we don’t have the item in the warehouse at all, what makes you think I can rush it for you just because “I want it and I want it now!” If I already clarified, “I cannot do this, per my supervisor,” what makes you think demanding to speak to him will give you a different answer… some people are just really bad at listening and/or like to talk loudly over you,

Me: “Okay, so your replacement order will come this Thurs–”


Me: “You will be receiving it Thursday..”

Customer: “YEAH IDK WHY YOU GUYS SENT ME THIS ITEM I DIDN’T ORDER IT–” (Customer pressed wrong item on site)

Me: “I understand, I apologize, I have issued a replacement-“


The only highlight of the day is when I got pretty fed up and just word-vomited on the customer. She was whining about not receiving an item that was on backorder, she received the 2 other items and insisted that if she doesn’t get this 1 other item by the end of this month, she doesn’t want the 2 other items. So of course I start explaining the different options for returns, she kept telling me to put a note on the account, I say yes ma’am, so if you definitely do not get the items please call us or do self-service return-

Customer: “Yeah but… but just put a note on the account because if you people don’t send me this item I don’t want the other 2 items!”

Me: “Yes, I understand, you can return those-“

Customer: “What? And then wait? The customer has to call, the customer has to wait, don’t you have customer service?”

I was going to reply when she added, “Don’t you guys keep track of our orders?” Somehow that just really triggered me haha and I got rid of my “nice customer service” and replied, “Ma’am there is no way we actively track the thousands of orders we receive. How are we supposed to know if a customer doesn’t want to keep an item if they do not notify us? Your options are to call us back or self-service return on the website. Our system is not automatic, it can’t read minds and know that you don’t want the items you already received.”

I usually don’t talk in a firm voice, I am usually a quiet, soft-voiced person, and I guess this surprised her because it went silent for a few seconds after that. She then asked for my name and then hung up.

Well, she did tell me to put explicit notes on the account so my ass is saved either way! 😀

/rant over

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