You expect her to pay that??

(Most of my calls are people who don’t read their bill, calling to ask why their bill is so high. Generally their promotion ended, which we warn up to 3 months in advance on each of their bills but nobody bothers to read that.

Me: Me, CS: Customer’s son)

Me: Yes so this promotion expired on October 4th, so you’re seeing a prorated credit and the next bill will be at the full rate.

CS: This is disgusting. You expect my mother, my 92 year old MOTHER to pay for this???

Me: Well, yes. We don’t bill by age, we bill based on the services provided and this is the rate of her services.

(He just grumbled and said fine, hung up. Generally people ask what they can do to lower the bill and we can definitely get a better rate but I think this dude just wanted to complain.)

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Can I say: I love my ISPs call center?

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