No I wont transfer you to billing

I worked for an ISP(lets call them Acme). I worked for the sales department where I only handle sales, the customer lets call them Doodoo so they call in

Me: Thank you for calling Acme this is m1207,how may assist you Doodoo: Yes I need to speak with billing Me: Ok?? may I ask the reason(I need the reason so I can get authorization from my supervisor to transfer them, its a dumb policy tbh) Doodoo: Why??? just transfer me Me:Nope(i didnt say that) I said unfortunately i need a reason to transfer you to billing. Doodoo: LOOK TRANSFER ME NOW!! I don’t need a reason me: sorry sir but without this I cant. (basically same crap for 15 mins)

Doodoo: Ughh Im going to make a complaint(hahahahaha you have to send an email and we were 3000 emails behind lol)

Me: After speaking with my supervisor(and the cx is on hold) she said i could give the cx the number for billing(Its a stupid rule but the cx wasnt worth the effort tbh)

Go back to Doodoo and tell the cx the number for billing, he doesn’t let me hangup until i reached billing. once the billing agent answer the call I hung up. The billing agent told me he was pissed lol but i didnt care.

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You expect her to pay that??

The WORST customer service