Can I say: I love my ISPs call center?

Seriously, best fellas ever. You instantly get someone who has some technical knowledge (am a techie myself), so my calls usually go like “hi fellas, seems my internet went down, modem gives me this and that status after reboot” and they don’t give me BS like “did you try turning it off and on again” but check on the issues instantly and let me know how they will fix it. Such a pleasure calling people who know what they are doing and don’t just follow a script. 🙂


  • Like a year ago their DNS has short-time issues … give them a call “hi, seems your DNS has some issues” – “yep, sorry, we just got a ticket on it, ops are on it, should be fixed in the next 10 minutes”.
  • Internet was a little dodgy a few weeks ago (call somewhen in the evening) … “Hi, seems I got intermittent faults/package loss” … “let me check – whoa, signal quality in that whole area is bad, let me dispatch someone. Give us a ring if you still see the same issue tomorrow.” Next day, no more issues.

I mean, conversations like that are just awesome. No pointless steps, just steps, just straight problem fixing.

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