"Yes, please go to our competitor"

I work for a call center (famous soda maker in the USA) calling up businesses and taking their soda/pop orders. Almost all of the customers we call have a case/ dollar minimum in order for me to process order and deliver their product. If they don’t meet either minimum (doesn’t have to be both) the system won’t let me move forward.

Our call center used to be very lenient for some clients and wouldn’t hesitate to call a MGR for an override, but then clients started abusing the system so much, we have now been told to stop and do not give more overrides as they are not cost-effective for us.

Enough background. This guy is bossy hoe and I’ll be me.

Me: Thank you for calling [company name] my name is Papitasexy, (verifies account details) who am I speaking with and what can I do for you?

BH: I’d like to place an order

Me: Great, one moment

I pulled up a new invoice and begin the ordering process and then…

BH: I only need TWO items. This and that. And that’s it. Nothing else.

Me: (realizing it won’t meet mins for delivery) Sir, would you be able to add a couple of more items? At this point, I can’t go through with the order as it is not meeting minimum for delivery. Perhaps you could wait until next week…

BH: (cuts me off) No! I don’t need nothing else! I only need those two, if you can’t do it for me I’m gonna have to switch to [competitor’s name]

Me: I’m sorry to hear that ( nah not really), but I do want to inform you that [competitor’s] also has a case minimum for their orders

BH: Tell your head office I won’t be ordering anymore from you guys!

Me: ( aggravated at this point) Ok, since there’s nothing else I can do at this point, I will disengage the call, have a good day.

I hung up on his ass and check the account notes and sure enough a bunch of escalated calls for minimum overrides and other stuff, always ordering one or two cases, so I just notated what happened and went my merry way.

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