Why would you mail that to us?

This story comes from about a year ago, working in a call center for a fairly large wholesale club (I’m sure you could guess it). Rather than taking calls, though, I had been handling emails sent to us by customers. One of the things we handle via email is, if someone sends us a letter by standard mail, someone in a receiving office somewhere scans the contents of that letter and sends it to us to respond by phone or email. A lot of times customers fail to provide enough info for us to ever actually contact them back, or they have doctor’s handwriting so we can’t parse their letters anyway, but we respond as much as we can.

For this particular letter, the customer stated they had found a foreign object in the store brand canned tuna. Fun, food safety issues. That’s a whole lot of extra stuff I’ve gotta do now.

… And they included that foreign object with the letter. “What?” I think as I look through the low quality black and white scan the receiving office had sent us. Sure enough, the receiving office saw fit to scan this foreign object for us as well, some sort of fleshy mass, possibly fish skin? I had no fucking clue, and the quality of the scan didn’t help.

I call the receiving office to see if someone could take a picture of it with their phone or something so I could get a better idea. Nah, they threw that out like a week ago, it was gross. Fantastic.

I try to find an account based on the return address from the letter. No dice. We’ve got more than a hundred people with their name in our system, too. No way am I going to bother sifting through that.

In the end, the letter gets forwarded off to food safety without much getting done about it. Customer never gets a call back, and the weird fish skin mystery remains unsolved to this day.

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