Recognized potential equipment fraud because the victim is from my hometown

I work at a large telecoms company.

We get a huge uptick of fraud whenever a new iPhone releases. In my almost 2 year review with the company I have personally come across blatant equipment fraud maybe 4 times.

This one was a bit different because I recognized the area code as my hometown and tried to strike up conversation. This is where things got interesting.

Me: u/Majahzi

F: Fraudulent customer

Me: Thanks for calling, this is u/Majahzi. Can I have your name please?

F has a thick Indian accent, so I don’t catch the name but no account came up l, so I would match it with the account info when I find it.

Me: alright sir, and what is your phone number?

F: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Me: Oh, you’re from (redacted)?! I went to (famous high school)!

F: huh?

Me: I noticed you live in (redacted), based off your area code.

F: Ummm… okay. I don’t know that school.

Bullshit. My city is known for the high school I went to. There’s no way a person would go more than a month without hearing about it.

Now I get suspicious. The account pulls up and it is for a Rebecca.

Me: Cam I grab your name again?

F: Rebecca F.

Me: Excuse my skepticism, but you don’t sound like a Rebecca. Are you calling on her behalf?

F: No. I am Rebecca.

Now I have to take his word for it because I can’t say that he isn’t Rebecca, I’m sure there’s a guy named Rebecca somewhere in the world. He gives me the Pin for the account but I’m still uneasy.

Me: Alright Mr. Rebecca, what’s your billing zip code?

F: Why?

Me: Frankly, I am from the town where your phone number is located and you don’t seem to know what city I’m referring to. I don’t believe that you are Rebecca. I can help you upgrade your phone after confirming your identity.

F just laughs and hangs up. I check the remarks and he had called several times that day to order an iPhone X to be sent to a known address used for fraudsters and has been denied every time. I called Rebecca and leave a voicemail to call us or use her app to change her security information.

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