This is illegal and an invasion of my privacy!!!

(Me: Me ; DD: Demon Dude; TL: Team Lead

Sorry if the formatting is bad or hard to read!!! I posted this on mobile!)

Me: (trying to validate customer with name, address and dob – general methods of validation)

DD: I’m Mr. ____.

Me: I need your first name sir.

DD: it’s the name on the bill.

Me: Sir, to validate I need to know who I’m speaking with.

DD: (swearing under his breath but gives me his name)

Me: Awesome, then just your mailing address and date of birth to validate.

DD: No. you can’t ask me that, that’s an invasion of my privacy as well as ILLEGAL.

Me: Actually sir, it is not illegal. It’s a method of validation that many companies had.

DD: (proceeds to fight me, yell and swear at me for trying to validate him before I’ve had enough of this.)

Me: Okay sir, validating You is for the protection and privacy of your account. If you do not provide me the information, I will not be able to assist you.

DD: Validate, my ass! There’s nothing to be protected, the account is disconnected!!! (Nonetheless, finally validates account but still swearing at me) I made a payment a few days ago and I want the late payment charge waived.

Me: (the late payment charge is $6.66 which is funny because I thought this customer was the literal devil) unfortunately sir, this bill was due October 30th and like you said, you just paid it a few days ago and it hasn’t even posted to the account yet. This charge is valid as your payment was made late.

DD: This is fucking disgusting. Put me to someone who will help me.

Me: There’s nobody that can help you. The charge will not be reversed, it’s valid as the payment was late.

DD: Oh, so you’re the supervisor are you?

Me: Nope! If you would like to speak with one, you’ll receive a callback within 48 hours. What’s the best number to reach you at?

DD: Nope. You’re lying to me. You’re all just alone there with no supervisors? I want to speak to him now.

(Basically just repeating the same stuff, our policy is that they will get a call back in 48 hours. Managers don’t take live calls as we are short staffed and don’t even have enough for the floor)

DD: You’re literally making all of this up. You think you’re God.

Me: Sir, if I was God, do you really think I’d choose to work in a call centre? Nevertheless, I can see if I can find somebody but I can’t guarantee I will be able to.

(I explained the situation to a TL, and he’s telling me to just give the customer the credit to get him off the line but I’m like, dude NO. I would HAPPILY waive the charge if he was nice and asked me but instead he was rude, swore at me and called me a liar. No way. This is a VALID charge and I’m not giving him ANYTHING dude. So my TL says ok, we’ll see if he has the reference number for the payment he made, and then we’ll see about waiving the charge.)

TL: (takes over the call; I can hear the customer trash talking me and my customer service; once my TL asks for the reference number for the payment, the customer hung up.)

(I also had 2 y-corders on this call listening in and they were so shocked that I managed to stay sweeter than friggin sugar on this entire call even through the customer calling me names and trashing me; and also wondering why people are so crappy for literally no reason. TLDR; customer fights me when I try to validate, fights me for not waiving a valid charge, says I think I’m God and hangs up when we ask for proof of payment..)

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