Do some people not actually want help?

I feel fortunate that most of my callers are level-headed and cooperative but several times per day I have the following conversation:

Caller: I’m having X problem

Me: I’m sorry to hear that you’re having X problem and I’d be happy to help, but just for verification purposes could I please have your name?

Caller: I’m tired of answering questions, could you just fix this for me?

Me: I’d be happy to help but we do have to verify that we’re speaking with the main account holder for security purposes, could I please have your name as it appears on file?

Caller: This is crazy, I just want to speak to someone who can help me!!!

Me: I’m the person who can help you, I just do need to verify that I’m speaking to the account holder…

Caller: Why are you making this so difficult? Transfer me to someone who can help me!!

Me: Silence

Repeat 3x

I get that you’re frustrated, upset, etc and want to blame everything on me, but do these people actually want help or to just throw a temper tantrum?

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What do you think?

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