Manglement strikes again.

I came in today after a long weekend, to a lovely surprise in my online scheduling tool. You see, I do technical support where I work with hardware for our systems. We have another department that works with the software for our systems and handles other tasks. Apparently, some brilliant idiot decided to send this entire department that handles the software and other tasks to training on the same day. THE ENTIRE DEPARTMENT at once for two weeks. Furthermore these brilliant idiots decided that my department will be handling their calls for two weeks with no additional training and no access to the systems that they typically use.

My question is am I overreacting? I sent my management a strongly worded email and decided to take the day off because if I stayed there I was going to end up cussing out management. How would you handle this situation? I have a meeting scheduled with management to discuss this tomorrow.

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What do you think?

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The WORST customer service

This is illegal and an invasion of my privacy!!!