The WORST customer service

Got told I have the worst customer service ever today, OL – old lady, m – me (ps sorry for any formatting/spelling issues, I’m on mobile)

Me: Hiya, thanks for calling company can I take your account number please? OL: * silence * Me: hello? OL: * silence * Me: hello? OL: Good afternoon Me: Hi, can I take your account number please? OL: Good afternoon Me: Hiya (starting to think this was a prank call) OL: …. Me: Can I take your account number? OL: Good afternoon. If you hang up without saying good afternoon I will make a complaint about you. You have only said hello to me and have never said thank you, very impolite. Me: ….good afternoon? (what is going on) OL: this is the WORST customer service I have ever had Me: …I’m sorry, how can I help you today?

Turns out she needed to speak to another department, I’ve never been so relieved to transfer a call.

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No I wont transfer you to billing

Manglement strikes again.