No, Your Date of Birth

Not me but a coworker had a really tough call a while ago. I work at a call centre that deals with credit cards. At the time I was in the Fraud Detection Dept. (outbound) but she was Customer Service (inbound).

When a cardholder calls in to Customer Service we need to ask them security questions to verify that they are the actual cardholder and not a fraudster. One of the security questions we have to ask is the date of birth. Simple right?

Anyway my coworker spent 33 minutes trying to ask the cardholder for the date of birth. She tried saying it a different way (day of your birth, day you were born, your birthday), but the walnut on the other end just couldn’t get through his thick skull. I was cringing from across the row the whole time. I mean at that point, get a translator or go online or something!

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