I once sold someone so hard on some diet pills we offered that they lost 100 pounds and sent us regular updates with pictures and thank you cards.

Long story short I sold herbal supplements directly to pharmacies wholesale. High paid commission and we had free reign to do what was needed to get a sale within reason.

So I get this woman on the phone and I pitch her some diet supplement, old school kind with ephedra and other stimulants. She’s hesitant on the purchase so I let her know about our guarantee and to turn the screws I ask if anyone in the pharmacy would like to lose a few pounds. She says that she would like to lose some weight herself so I offered her a free bottle to try because “once you know how well it works you can recommend it to your customers with confidence”.

Not only did she lose weight she did exactly what I suggested and started talking highly of it to anyone that asked. She remained the only customer to re-order on her own accord from then on and often sent me thank you cards with before and after pictures while I worked there.

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