Moving Emails From Spam to Inbox Should Be Easy

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If you’ve read my stories, you’d know I work as a tier 2 tech support agent for an ISP. This call happened an hour ago. I will be D, agent will be A.

D: Tier 2, this is D.

A: Hi, this is A. I have an issue here. I can’t move emails from this user’s spam folder to their inbox.

D: Alright. Is there an option that says “move” anywhere in the browser?

A: Not that I can see.

D: Okay. Is it a mass quantity of emails they want to move or just a few?

A: Like 5 or 6 emails.

D: Okay, right click on an email and tell me what you see.

A: Okay. I see: move, mark as read and delete.

D: Hover over where it says move please.

A: I’m clicking but it goes away.

D: Oh, no. Just put your mouse on it.

A: Nothing happens when I click.

D: internally screaming Don’t click!!!! calmly says: do not click.

A: I see move to and then a bunch of folders. Do I go to inbox?

D: Yes. If that’s where the user wants them moved.

A: Nothing is happening.

D: What?

A: I’m hovering over the word inbox and nothing is happening.

D: Click it.

A: Oh it worked.

D: Now, do that for the other emails or get the user to. Anything else?

A: No.

D: Have a good day. click

This call took 20 minutes.

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