First time I’ve cried over a customer today

been working at a call centre dealing with car insurance for over a year now and have dealt with many rude ass ignorant customers but never cried despite being v close to!!! but that all changed today. oh my fucking GOD. I had the rudest Scottish man scream every single word under the sun at me. he was one of them that you knew was gonna be an asshole as soon as we started speaking cos I asked him what his date of birth was and he was like a please and thank you wouldn’t go amiss – which got me riled up cos his tone was so fucking condescending. and then began the abuse. oh my god. I had to mute him because I couldn’t stop crying, but thankfully he demanded to speak to a manager so I got rid of him but still!!!!! how the fuck can people just speak to people over the phone like absolute shit and have no regard for the other person’s feelings? like do people think we’re just emotionless robots waiting for their calls? I mean I thought this job sucked the soul outta me but clearly I still got something there if I can actually produce tears. fucking hell. please kind people of this subreddit, tell me there is a way out of this job. tell me there is hope. because I’m so close to just packing my shit and leaving without a notice.

sorry for the jumbled rant, I’m still kinda upset. lmao.

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