“I wish to speak to American speaking advisor!”

I work for one of the biggest companies in the world as a higher tier support advisor in Europe region so most of the days I will be speaking with people based in Europe, Middle East and rarely Africa, but as our company offers 24/7 support to customers who are willing to pay we will get calls from American region few times in the early morning.

So here’s the story. I absolutely love America and your people but your customer support is uncomparable to what we’re used to in EMEA. We are very friendly and talk in a very casual, but respectible manner. Your clients don’t really like that as they’re used to formal and cheesy way of dealing with clients, but we don’t know where’s the caller based until we answer the call.

“Hi John(cx), this is Rich speaking how can I help you today?”

cx: “Thanks for not asking how I’m doing because I’m pretty eff’d up. Why you’re calling me by first name we’re not friends? Could you show some respect and call me by my second name? I’m paying your salary!”

I apologised and started to adress him as Mr. N*****. We started troubleshooting and after a while he interrupts me: “Listen can I speak to someone who speaks american? I don’t understand you, you don’t even speak english.”

At this point I usually lose all the fucks I had to give and stop being friendly, but still remain polite. “I really apologise for this, it might be due to my accent and I will try to speak a little bit clearer so it’s easier to understand me”

Cx: “No, I want to speak with American advisor, you fuck off now to whatever country you came from” (I’m based in UK, not US). Then he threw another few insults at me.

I usually ignore this behaviour, warn the customer that I will drop the call but today it wasn’t the case. I had a pretty bad mood and I lost it.

“Excuse me sir, but I’m not based in US, I speak english better than you and I don’t understand why you insist to speak to American advisor when you’re not even American yourself?!” (Cx was living in US for last two years, not native)

And that’s how I got a written warning for being racist to the customer 🤷🏻‍♂️

Right now I’m looking for the new job, while still working here and decided that after the years of abuse on the calls it’s time to leave. I’m extremely patient person who loves to speak to customers but this few bad seeds absolutely ruined me mentally and I can’t do this job anymore. Kudos to all the people who lasted for years, after 3 years I give up.

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