I dont work there

This happened about a year ago and I thought it belonged here.

Me: M Client: C

M: Hi this is Despite_Snow at Mental Health Center how may I direct your call?

C: Do you have the number for Pain Management Clinic

M: Yes, it is 555-555-5555

C: Oh I called that number already but they didn’t answer is there another number?

M: Uh, not that I know of thats the only one listed here and on their webesite

C: Oh, well are they open?

M: I’m not sure, I don’t know their hours of operation

C: Well shouldn’t you know?

M: Ma’am I don’t work there, I don’t know when thy’re open. I am assuming 8 to 5

C: But theyre not answering

M: Well, I would guess if they aren’t answering they’re probably closed

C: Oh, well I guess that makes sense (Hangs up)

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I’m just going to add this woman to my ever-growing pile of crazy cx’s

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