I didn’t want it then, but I want it now

Quick one from a chat history:

C: I heard you guys do that >>feature<<, and I was offered it for free, but I declined.

A: Oh, No problem. It will be $10/mo as that offer has ended, and I’d be more than happy to add it to your account right now! beep boop

C: But I was offered it for free!

A: Oh, I fully understand. That was a promotion when we were just running it out to our customers, and as you said, you had declined it. I’m afraid that promotion is no longer valid, but it’s a great pricing you’re getting right now since you’re such a great customer!

C: No, moron! You offered it me for free, I want it now!

A: Ma’am, you declined it, you said so yourself….

Cue rant about uselessness, idiocy and stupidity.

Ain’t that just the pot calling the kettle black…?

Fun-fact: she’s been with us for four months, and her payment history vs credits was 100/2000. =| =| =|

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I dont work there

The customers are on to us.