I’m just going to add this woman to my ever-growing pile of crazy cx’s

I had a call come in yesterday like any other. Woman was wanting to know why tv/int/hp bill was higher than it was previously. I’m in retention, so like 90% of my calls, her discounts had fallen off.

To be specific, they had fallen off Sept 18 (she called Nov 2). She starts going on about how we have to inform her that her price is changing, we can’t just raise the bill so much.

I start into my usual spiel of how we put it into her bills for the 3 months before her discounts end. I even waited while she pulled up her June/July/Aug bills. Sure enough, it was there on each one.

At this point, she’s getting flustered, and I can hear it in her voice She’s running out of ways to blame me. Then she tried one last time

Cx: Well, I’m too busy to be reading all these bills. I have more important things to do

Me: That’s unfortunate, but we did let you know that your savings were ending.

Cx: This is ridiculous! Does [company] really expect all their customers to read their bills on time every month?!


Me: Well, yes. Its out responsibility to let you know when the price changes and it’s your responsibility to read thru the bills. If you don’t read the full bill, that isn’t on us.

Cx: Well, it’s doesn’t matter. I want a credit for the difference in my bill since it fell off.

(Her bill had gone up by about $75 & that was a month and a half ago. I told her I wasn’t giving her that)

I mean, how does someone even ask a question like that? Reading your bills is 80% of being an adult. Just when I think I’ve heard it all, the next customer opens their mouth.

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