The customers are on to us.

Collegue passed this customer on to me. He came through on the wrong line so put him through to someone who can. That will be me. I work in central reservations for a hotel chain.

Me:Good afternoon Mr Irritated. Your through to Rabbit. My collegue said your wanting to book a room with us….

MrI: you best be able to help me you are the 4th person i have spoken to. I have been passed from pillar to post and im absolutely fed up.

Me: i am ever so sorry to hear that Mr Irritated. I will be happy to help you. Can i just ask which one of our hotels it is you would like to visit?

MrI: at first i was on that god damned automated service going around in circles. Then i got through to a human who put me back on that bloody automated service, only to be put back on it. Honestly ive had enough. I just want to book a room. Is that so hard?

Me: i am sorry you have had some difficulty getting through to the right department but if you could just…

MrI: and this call is costing me you know

What i want to say: well if you had pressed the right fucking button to begin with and just got on and told me which hotel and dates we could be on our way by now

What i actually say: yes, can i take the name of the hotel you would like to visit and then i can get you some rates and get you booked in?

MrI: its hotel in city

Me: thank you Mr Irritated. And what dates would you like to visit?

MrI: i give up. All i want to do is speak to a human and make a booking. Why is that so hard?

And then he hung up.

Guys hes on to us. No matter how hard we try, they are starting to realise us call centre folk arent human… now if only i could be programmed to be a mind reader that conversation could have gone alot smoother.

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