“Yup, that’s me”

So this was a bit of a silly one. I work in benefits and a lot of times callers ask us to connect them with their insurance. Usually we drop off at the soonest opportunity for their privacy. Sometimes we stay on to help explain things or ask questions the caller wouldn’t think of. For the purposes of this conversation, let’s say my first and last name are Paper and Eel, and the caller is Sylvia Womanson. The insurance agent is Thomas.

I connect Sylvia Womanson to Thomas and before I can ask if anything further is needed, they start talking. I go on mute waiting for an opportunity to ask if I can drop off. I space out a bit as she discusses things that have nothing to do with me or my office.

Thomas: Would that Be Paper as in P-A-P-E-R?

Me: scrambles to unmute Yes that’s my name!

Thomas: I was asking her email address…

Sylvia: giggles softly in the background

Me: is an idiot who went full on derp

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