Seriously lady?!?!?

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I worked for a tech company that we will call Pear. Now I work at home, but it is a still basically a call center, meaning I still have to follow strict metrics and kiss the customers ass more then we should. I had a long day already and this gem of an old lady called in. I mean some people just should not have access to technology.

To give some background she had a Mac Book and her husband had fell for one of the many virus pop ups. He spoke with the “company” and they set him up on a security package. His loving wife then proceeded to give them all re credentials for her Pear account including her PearID and password. She called in and got me in hopes to fix her mistake…. The interaction below is after I have her change her password. Me is well me and SOB will be stupid old broad.

SOB: I gave them the wrong password!

Me: Well good! But I suggest changing it anyway.

SOB: Good Idea!

Me: walks SOB thru the process of changing the password

SOB: Uh oh….

ME: What’s wrong?!

SOB: I changed the password to what i gave the company!

Me: Flips table and slams head on desk Well thats ok ma’am! We can change it again!

But seriously folks. Why? Why do these people do stuff like this? You just acknowledged that you gave them the wrong password and then you go and change the password to the one you gave them?Do you want to get hacked? Because this is how you get hacked! I have since moved to billing for Pear and the pChimes department is equally as horrible and depressing.

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