A filter, for once

So quite often, my mouth says what my brain thinks before I can stop it. It’s gotten me in a lot of trouble in the past and I always take full responsibility for what I say.

Today, my second call of the day (a bit before 8:30am) was terrible. I was uncaffeinated, mostly asleep, and not fully aware of my job.

Me: thank you for calling customer care, my name is Whoruka. May I have the members first and last name?

Lady: You people are ridiculous! I’ve called four times to give consent to ship and none of you people know what your doing! What did you say your name was?!

Me: Whoruka, ma’am

Lady: Cynthia?

Me: no, ma’am. Whoruka. W-h-o-r-u-k-a.

Lady: okay. I’m so tired of your company! You people are ridiculous! I’m about to contact (govt agency) to make a complaint if you cant help me! And if you can’t help me, I’ll give your name too!

Me: yes ma’am, I understand your frustration. If I could just get your name–

Lady: no you do not! You people always say that but you don’t care! [Finally gives information and authenticates the account] Now I want this fixed!!

Me: yes ma’am. I do apologise and again, I completely understand your frustration. I’ll just look through the account and see–


My brain: you’re right, I don’t and I don’t care either.

My mouth: okay ma’am, your item was shipped yesterday via next day so you should be receiving it today or tomorrow at the latest.

Lady: I better or im calling back

Is it Friday yet

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