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First time poster, long time lurker on my personal account. I’ve got a fairly odd job in that my UK company specialises in travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions. It’s sometimes rewarding, sometimes saddening, but generally just bizarre.

One of the schemes that my company does is just a medical top-up for a popular travel company whose insurance policies exclude pre-existing conditions. We come under a lot of fire on this scheme as the travel reps – who earn commission – often don’t mention that whole pesky exclusions point. Anyway, let’s get into it. I’ll be T, the customer will be C.

T: general opening spiel

C: Do you want my insurance number?

T: Were you looking to complete a screening for that policy today? We don’t share a database with * so I can’t see you policy, but I can take that number to set you up a record.

C: Yes, T. That’s what I want to do.

we go over holiday details, and the customer is struggling with travel dates

C: Look, T. I’ve already done the screening online. I suppose you’ll be wanting a reference number for THAT, wouldn’t you?

T: …Erm, yes please. (why didn’t he just say this before?!)

finds record

T: And were you looking to go ahead with the additional premium today, or just to discuss it?

C: Discuss it. I’ve already bought my policy.

T: runs over general info about how top-up is optional/conditions are generally excluded as a norm

C: Look, T, other UK insurance company, super sketchy have quoted me £40! And you’re asking for £96!

T: Well, every insurance company is different, and every policy has different levels of cover. That’s how the prices are worked out.

C: Are you even regulated?! How can you insist on these prices?!

T: Yes, we’re regulated. We’re underwritten by major UK insurance company, who are regulated by the FCO.

C: If I was buying a car, I’d rather pay £400 than £6000.

T: …Okay?

C: It’s all about the PRICE. I’m a consumer!

T: As I’ve said sir, every insurance policy is different and this will obviously reflect on the price. doesn’t mention terrible analogy

C: You’re penalising me for being ill twenty years ago!

T: … We’re not penalising you. It’s optional whether you cover the previous condition on the policy, you’d still be covered for anything unrelated without it. The reason why it’s not automatically added on is so that you alone can decide whether you need to be covered for it.


This conversation went on for twenty-five minutes after this point. TL;DR: Guy’s angry about his insurance premium, starts questioning credibility of the company because a sketchy company quoted him way less.

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