I am NOT giving you my CREDIT CARD info but I want to buy over the phone!

I have many stories about working at a call center, but I’ll start with this one.

I worked for a call center for a major retail chain that sells sports equipment. I’m no stranger to irate customers, and pride myself on my ability to stay cool and calm. But this lady pushed me to my limit.

First off, let me clarify that we were not allowed to transfer to our escalation department unless the customer clearly stated they wished to speak to a manager. So, a lady with a thick New York accent calls and complains that her order canceled. All good, I take a look. 3 jackets she wanted were $90 each, and she claimed she’d purchased them for $30 each on the order.

Me: after about ten minutes of explaining that the jackets are $90, she’s getting more angry Ma’am, this item was not on a recent promotion, the jackets are listed as $90 each. I don’t see any jackets by this company that are $30.

Customer: Yeah, there’s a lot you don’t see, you stupid little liar! I’m TELLING you I bought these jackets for $30!

By this point, I asked if she would like to speak to a manager several times, and she refused, claiming, “YOU should be able to help me!” She continued to cuss me and berate me the whole call. Eventually, with nothing else to conclude, I offered to place a new order for jackets with a 10% discount. After minutes of screaming at me, she finally agreed, but only with one jacket.

Me: still pleasant and placed the new order Alright ma’am, I’ve got the order ready to go. All I need is your payment information.

Customer: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I am NOT giving you my CREDIT CARD over the PHONE! I don’t know you, you’re gonna steal my information! You’ve already showed you’re a LIAR, now you’re a THIEF too!

Me: Ma’am, I’m not sure how you plan to place the order over the phone without payment information. Our company does not keep payment info on file-


By this point, I had been on the phone with this woman for about 40 minutes, and I gladly transferred her. I’m pretty sure the manager had a good laugh at her.

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