"No" from the expert means…

TL;DR: Correct information is correct.

Background: I work Tier 2 for Canadian Mobility provider “Blue”. Data-only devices are routed straight to us for tech support.

First call of the day! 7:30 AM.


$Me: guess who?
$DbL: Disbelieving lady
$Supe: My direct supervisor

$Me: Thank you for calling Tentacle Support, My name is Urashk, how can I help you?

$DbL: I have a bit of an odd request.

$DbL: My email address is on my parent’s account, and I would like to move it to my own account.

Not my department. Email management is handled by Home Internet, except for one specific case.

$DbL: ….and I have a Mobility Internet device.

Dammit. Specific case, my issue.

$Me: OK. I’d be happy to help you with that.What’s the email address you’d like to move?


Oh crap. ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap.

$Me: I’m very sorry to say, those kinds of email addresses are not supportable by a mobility internet device. They’re only available with internet service.

$DbL: Well, that’s not what they said!


$DbL: They assured me that this could be done, and that you could do it!

$Me: “They” is the Home Internet team? The people who referred you to me?

$DbL: Yes!

$Me: I am very sorry about this. The only email addresses that can linked to a Mobility service are, or username@company.web. The email addresses supplied by are non-transferrable.

$DbL: But that’s not what they said!

$Me: The team who referred you to me for help?

$DbL: Yes!

$Me: The team who referred you to me for help?

$DbL: Yes!


$Me: I’m very sorry. It cannot be done.

$DbL: Why not??


Short answer: I don’t know.
Longer answer: was its own independent company, that was bought outright by . It is barely integrated into the systems, and has its own completely separate service teams, support teams, contact details, and kitchen sink.

$Me: The mobility system cannot support these type of email accounts. All I can suggest is finding an alternate address.

$DbL: That is not an option. I need this moved!

$Me: I’m very sorry. It cannot be done.

$DbL: Put me through to someone else!

$Me: I apologize, but there is no-one else who can complete this request.

$DbL: I don’t want to talk to you anymore, I want to talk to someone else!

$Me: But you’ve reached the correct department, and I have the answer for your request. There is no-one else to talk to.

$DbL: Then I want to speak to your manager!! I’m sure HE will be able to help me.

$Me: My manager is actually a woman, and I am happy to get her for you.

$DbL: Excellent! I would be happy to speak with a woman!

$Me: Please hold.

Urashk uses ! is super effective!

$Me: So what did you say?

$Supe: Exactly what you said.

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