"you’re not going to have a job after today"

Me: Thanks for calling, my name is Me, can I start with your name and address”

Unemployer: My name is the Unemployer, here is my address”

Address is not pulling up

Me: Hmm…I’m sorry nothing is pulling up, do you happen to have your account number?

Of course not.

Me: To verify you said address was ___

U/E: Oh well she just set me up with new service at a different address. Try this address

Pulls up.

Me: how can I help you?

U/e: I need to make a payment

Account has a balance of $734

Me: How much will you be paying

U/e: why it so high?

I go over billing info with her. She becomes irate.

U/e: how that? My services were off and I told her I didn’t want them on

I review notes and see nothing noted about disconnection.

Me: Unfortunately I don’t see any notes about a cancellation request but I can definitely get you over to cancellation and we can have service disconnected

U/E: You stupid bitch, get me your supervisor, you bout to have no job after today.

Seriously what the fuck?

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