I want you to help me but I don’t want to give you any information

Me: Thank you for calling the medical center. How can I help you?

Difficult Guy: I need to speak to someone high up in the medical center about the way I was treated at one of your clinics.

Me: I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience at the clinic. I can certainly give you the number for patient relations if you’ll tell me which clinic it was.

DG: [Goes into a rant about God knows what and gives me all this info that’s completely irrelevant and not at all the info I need to get him to the right patient relations number]

Me: I’m sorry you had that experience. I’d like to get you to the patient relations number but to do that I need to know which clinic you went to so I can transfer you to someone who can help you.

DG: I don’t want to talk to patient relations. I already spoke to them and they were entirely unhelpful. rant rant rant

Me: I’m sorry but I don’t have any other number for anyone that can help you other than patient relations.

DG: You’re trying to tell me that Medical Center doesn’t have a president or CEO or anyone high up? That’s BS and I don’t believe you.

Me: Yes Medical Center does have those positions but I don’t have a phone number to any of those people. Patient Relations is really the best place for you to call.

DG: rant rant rant

Me: If you don’t want to speak to Patient Relations I can see if I can call the clinic directly and see if there’s a manager you can speak with. But I’ll need to know which clinic that was.

DG: It was urology.

Me: We have several Urology clinics across several hospitals. Was it at [Location 1] or maybe [Location 2]?

DG: rant rant rant, not the answer to what I need

Me: Sir I’m going to need to get some information if you’d like my help. Let me get your chart open so I can see where you were. Last name?

DG: I don’t want to give you my information! If I do that you guys will mark this all on my chart and I’ll be in even worse shape because of it!

Me: No sir we don’t mark things like that on your chart. I do need to know where you were seen though or I can’t help you.

DG: I was at [Satellite clinic for main hospital]

Me: Was it the [Specialty] clinic?

DG: more rants, no confirmation of the clinic name

Me: I’m pretty sure I know which clinic you were at so let me get you over there.

At that point I transferred before he could object. Why do people do this?

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