Crazy lady

This is my first time posting on Reddit, so please don’t @ me if this sucks. I’ve been a customer service rep for over 4 years now, fielding calls at a company that deals with an automotive accessory. The tale that is to follow is the most ridiculous person I’ve ever come into contact with in my whole four years here.

Me: Yours truly CL: Crazy lady

Me: This is sn0wed speaking, how may I help you?

CL: Tell me all you know about the function of your product.

(From the get-go I knew this was going to be a shitshow)

Me: Tells CL all about the product she is inquiring about.

Her: Well did YOU know that your product puts people in danger? Why would anybody have this? Do you know that you have multiple complaints about your product? I was stranded with my granddaughter on the side of the road at 5pm on a Saturday night when everything was closed? What if I was on the south side of Chicago in a black majority neighborhood, and YOU (she kept stressing it was ME who was doing this to her, and PS she lived in Eastern KY per phone area code, nowhere near Chicago) got us killed??? How would you feel about getting a CHILD KILLED????????

-At this point she is screaming at me in incoherent profanity and I have muted myself as I talk to my boss about how nuts she is being-

Me: Ma’am what kind of vehicle do you own?

CL: I don’t have to tell YOU that.

Me: Well ma’am I can’t he-

CL: LEXUS WHY DOES IT MATTER? YOU KILL PEOPLE. (I know she’s BSing me because usually when people are mad they blurt out the year/make/model of their vehicles before I can even start, especially with Lexus because it is a luxury brand)

Me: Please hold.

At this point I put her on an approx. 3 minute hold while I fetch my boss from her office and explain what’s going on. I can’t find her. I take her off of a hold and she continues to rant endlessly without me being able to get a word in edgewise.

Me: Ma’am what would you like me to do? I can replace your parts at no cost and send them out overnight to you free of charge.


Me: Ma’am I apologize but I do not know how to help you.


Me: Please hold.

My manager is not in the talking mood so I put this woman through to my boss’ voicemail. My boss then listens to my call with her as all calls are recorded for QA and before she can call back, CL calls AGAIN and demands my manager exclaiming “I better not get a fucking voicemail this time!!!”

My manager talks to her (aka she rants at my manager).

Manager says she’s crazy AF and to not worry about her.

CL isn’t happy with the outcome, so she proceeds after this to harass my front desk with 5 calls, changing her name every single time. Will not stop calling. VP offers to call her. She declines and wants the CEO.

She then proceeds to call one of our employees out in the field to rant at them. Mind you, they’re in TX, not anywhere near us at the moment.

After that stint, we never heard from her again. Yet. We suspect she’s one of those mentally unstable people that call random companies that have had problems (um, like every company?) and she wanted nothing from us but to bitch at us for whatever reason.

tl;dr crazy lady is crazy and doesn’t really have our product, proceeds to harass me and my whole company.

I have more stories and I’ll be posting more in the future.

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