This is why I have job security

Caller: “I can’t log in on the website. It’s telling me that my login details are wrong.”

Me: “Alright, it looks like you’ve reset the password twice today?”

Caller: “Yeah, I reset it once and it wouldn’t let me log in, so I reset it again to the same thing.”

Me: “Okay. Are you logging in with your account number, or your username?”

Caller: “I’m logging in with [email address].”

Me: “So, to log in it’s going to need your account number or the username.”

Caller: “It gives me two boxes; which one do I put that in?”

Me: “The one that says ‘account number or username’. It should be the top one.”

Caller: “Alright, so when it says…[she trails off, but she was definitely going to tell me that it says ‘account number or user name’ and ask if that’s where she’s supposed to put in the account number.]

Me: “Yup. Right there.”

Caller: “Okay, that worked!”

Go figure.

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