I work in an IT call center for an insurance company. The powers at be decided to gives drones to field adjusters. A field adjuster (FA) writes up estimates on home damage. They estimate how much it will cost for repair. The plan is the FA will fly the drone AND keep it stable AND take pictures AND video of the roof. Of course this is a perfect plan!!

Let me share today’s field adjuster call:

Me: This is an ubiquitous IT Support, can I have your name and employee number?

Fa: Yes, this is Bob and my ID is XXXXXX. (Bob is 45-60 years old).

Me: How can I help you?

Fa: My printers broken, that cheap thing stopped printing.

Me: Sorry to hear that, tell me more. Did it make any sounds, partially print or have any error message?

Fa: Nothing.

Me: Please read me the printer ID off the yellow sticker on the top.

Fa: xxxxxxx

Me: Hmm.. well I just checked in on your printer status and it responded. It looks all good. Let’s try something else, mind showing me what steps you took?

Fa: Sure.

— Shares Screen, note, this took a while as he was having issues clicking approve. It finally worked when I said, try hitting the enter key on your keyboard —

FA: This is what I need to print. (Outlook email with concert tickets, so this is not a work related phone call).

Me: Great, please show me your next steps and I’ll follow along.

Fa: I clicked the print button.

( I see no actions)

Me: I may have missed it, which one exactly? Is it at the top of the email, or File> print, or maybe the Print button on your keyboard?

Fa: I clicked the little printer picture at the top.

(I see no actions)

Me: Okay, humor me and do it one more time.

(I see nothing)

Me: Did you click it?

Fa: Yeah!

Me: Question, are you using your mouse?

Fa: No, I pressed the button.

Me: May I ask what you pressed it with?

Fa: With my finger.

Me: Hmmm… you pressed your finger directly on the monitor where the printer icon is?

Fa: Yes.

Me: Got it! I am sorry to report that “insurance company” monitor is not a touchscreens. Mind trying with the mouse real quick or hit the CTRL+P?

Fa: It’s printing. (This guy probably makes twice as much as me, just saying).

Me: Great, anything else?

Fa: I’m good.

Me: Okay, thanks for calling Bob, have a great day.

(In closing, he had to use his mouse to open the email right??? It boggles my mind, that he never tried the print icon with the mouse before calling. WHY??? Did someone else open the email and then he took over? Was it a new monitor?? It was his assigned station. Anyways, good luck flying a drone.)

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