I was going to cheat you out of thousands – what do you mean, it’s not working?

Hi! LTL, FTP, you know the drill.

I work as a fraud advisor for a payment processor, and we do both inbound and outbound support (aka call requests). This guy opens a ticket via email:

“I lost a dispute!!! Did you not get my evidence? Call me now!”

I pull up this guy’s account and it looks pretty bad. He’s had a payment of over £6000 disputed as fraudulent and lost the dispute. I look at the payment and see that it had been flagged by our system as likely fraudulent straight away, which the guy had obviously ignored. I take at look at the evidence he submitted and nearly fall off my chair. There’s a screenshot of an order confirmation form from a popular e-commerce website that’s bright red with fraud warnings. There’s a whole lot of documents proving that, yup, this was definitely credit card fraud – for context, this is the worst thing you can do as a merchant, as you’re liable for all credit card fraud that happens through your website. What you actually need to do is prove the person who made the payment is the cardholder. We have extensive guidelines on what to do, which the guy ignored just like he ignored the fraud warnings.

So I call the guy, verify him etc. I will be ME and guy is WF for Wannabe Fraudster.

Me: “I’m sorry you’ve lost your dispute. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the process.”

WF: “I don’t understand. Did you not get the evidence I submitted?”

I start to explain that, unfortunately, this looks like a genuine case of credit card fraud and… WF interrupts me.

WF: “Of course it was. That’s what my evidence was for!”

In the conversation that follows, it becomes clear that the guy understood perfectly well that the payment was likely made with a stolen credit card and shipped the merchandise anyway, thinking that either the issuing bank or we would pay for it because the charge was authorised by the network. I tell him nope.

WF: “But that’s what credit cards do, right? When you say it was stolen the bank gives you your money back.”

Me: “Correct, and they take it back from the merchant at the same time, plus fees.”

WF: “But I proved it was fraud, so you’re going to pay for it, right?”

At this point, I’m honestly struggling. Um, no, dude. You can’t cash in on someone else committing credit card fraud and get away with it. And you can’t just call a company, tell them you expected to cheat them out of thousands and ask them why they won’t go along with it.

I give him my usual speech about due diligence with a few more ahhhs and uhmms than usual, but at some point the line went dead. I guess he wasn’t interested. In any case, I passed the guy’s file and the recorded call on to our internal risk assessment team to check if they want to close his account.

What the everloving fuck? I can’t decide if he’s a criminal, or just stupid, or criminally stupid.

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