The eleventh hour…is coming in 2 more hours

Yours truly posting from work. As usual I had the opening shift so I got here at 7.45 to open up and get things in order, hoping to be home by 17/17.30 for some needed house cleaning.

Here you might notice the hiccup, it’s 18.10 and I’m at work, freezing my ass off, dead tired because somebody coff-colleague-coff decided that a sore neck was an utter emergency and bailed off her evening shift.


On top of that calls this idiot for the GP

C “I need an emergency appointment, today I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t go to work. I need the certificate for work”

Me “sorry but I couldn’t give you an appointment for today if you call after 11.30 am…are you a new patient? Didn’t you know about the doc’s policy?”

C “I’ve been her patient for ages! I was asleep this morning!”

Me “sorry but I can’t, if you want you can call back tomorrow morning for an urgent apt”

C “but I called my boss this morning early, i need the document now”

Me “excuse me, you woke up, called in sick and didn’t call us for knowing you have to call in the morning?” (You damn asshole? )

C “…i guess I forgot long rambling about how the world is unfair I’ll go anyway, when we will she be finished? ” Me “around 19, more or less”

C “too late, I’ll call tomorrow”

Me starts swearing


All the while the idiot (intern) 3 floors down takes her bloody time whole cleaning up and I get stuck on 2/3 lines while

2 more hours to go… Ps: a client in an office just started screaming her head off. Awsome.

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