Sexism at it’s finest

Here I am, back again for day 2 of my exciting CS stories. Trust me, I have tons. I’m a female who deals with automotive parts serving 80% of a male based clientele, what could go wrong?

Let’s rewind to 2 years ago. We also field technical calls about our product. Even two years ago, I was still very knowledgeable about how our product works. I field a call from Idiot Dude.

Me: Yours truly ID: Idiot Dude

Me: This is sn0wed speaking, how can I help you?

ID: I need xx product. I don’t think you can help me.

Me: I certainly will help you sir, can you give me xx dimensions please?

ID: gives dimensions of something I don’t need

Me: No sir, I need the dimensions of xx so I can assure this is the correct product.

ID: I don’t think you want to help me. Can I speak to a man please? Maybe he knows what he is talking about.

Me: Please hold sir while I find someone else to assist.

(I put him on mute, not hold, so I can hear everything he is saying. He presumably is talking to a family member or a buddy and assumes I can’t hear him since I am muted.

ID goes on to trash women, and how we shouldn’t be taking technical calls because we don’t know what we’re talking about and how we should be in the kitchen making dinner and staying home to serve men. He says I’m useless and I don’t know about car things and I should stick to women shit)

I take him off mute.

Me: I’m sorry sir, what were you saying while I was fetching someone to help you? I apologize, I must have heard you incorrectly that I cannot perform my job because I am a woman. However, since you are more comfortable with one of your own, I will send you over to a man. Hold please.

I send him over to a dude. My dude asks him the same question that ID asked me. ID gives him the info I was asking for before. All is well.

Apparently I wasn’t allowed to hang up on this person even though he was blatantly sexist, but I digress.

tl;dr : sexist dude is sexist and I was pissed AF but kept my cool.

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