Sorry, I still can’t help you.

I have a lot of stories. Sorry for the spam haha. This didn’t happen to me, happened to the girl who sits next to me and she somehow always manages to get these calls at least twice a day. We work for an ISP, only responsible for home services.

AC: Annoying Customer FC: Frustrated Colleague


FC: Thanks for calling //ISP// this is FC, how can I help?

AC: Yes. There’s a problem with my cellphone bill, you people always mess it up. I don’t use data!

FC: I can definitely appreciate the frustration you feel sir, let me redirect you to a mobility specialist so they can review your account and help you with this.

AC: No! I don’t want to be transferred. You do it.

FC: … unfortunately sir, you have reached the department for residential services, we cannot assist you with your mobility account but we can get you someone who can help!

AC: Why can’t you do it? This is my cellphone number, pull up my account.

FC: Sir, we don’t have access to the mobility systems. I can’t do anything with that.

AC: (does not seem to understand after being told repeatedly that we can’t even access a mobility account and he proceeds to yell at her for ten full minutes, saying that she doesn’t know how to do her job, before she had enough)

FC: I understand sir. I’ll bring you to mobility so they can help. (She immediately cuts him off and cold transfers him to mobility)

FC: (looks at me) do they somehow think after 10 minutes of screaming at me, after telling them I have no way to access that system, I’m suddenly gonna be like “just kidding! I can access the mobility system now!” ???


TLDR Customer tells my colleague that she can’t do her job when (as she told him) mobility isn’t our job description

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