Third times the charm!

This happened to me yesterday. I work at a call centre for an ISP and right now, we have new customer promotions advertised on our website. *note: NEW customer promotions. Which sucks because we always get angry customers who have been with us for years, upset that they’re not eligible for this promotion, which I completely understand but as an employee of the corporation… can unfortunately not do anything.

Also good to know: our systems work in a way that tracks our first call resolution (if they call back up to 7 days after you spoke with them, it effects your score) and if you were speaking with them previously within those 7 days after original contact and your line is open to take calls, they will be routed back to you.

C: Customer


C: Hello! I looked online and saw the new deal you’re offering, I want to take the $150 one for 2 years.

Me: Unfortunately ma’am, those promotions are introductory offers for new customers, so you wouldn’t be eligible for that. But I can definitely review your account and see what we can do to get you some savings!

C: Hmph… fine.

(I offer her a theme package for half off, for 4 months as she’d mentioned she wanted the channels on it. She accepts it, thanks me and hangs up.)

Me: (getting another call after) Thanks for calling //ISP// this is omni speaking, how can I help?

C: Hello, I’m looking to take the deal you have online.

Me: Hello ma’am, yes we just spoke, I offered you the theme package?

C: Oh, yes! Thanks for that, now I want to have this movie package. Can you give me the deal online? I want to try it for two years.

Me: Unfortunately ma’am, like I told you on our last call, that’s only available for new customers.

C: I understand, I just want to try it out for two years.

Me: no you don’t understand omf I hear you ma’am but like I said, we don’t have the ability to give you this promotion, it’s only for new customers.

C: Well what about my movie package?

(I end up giving her the movie package free for 2 months. So now that’s half off a theme package for 4 months, and a free movie package for 2 months. She hangs up. I take my next call.)

Me: (intro spiel)

C: Hi yes? I saw that deal online and I really wanted to try that out.

Me: (about to lose my mind. I just told you TWICE that you can’t have it.) Hello ma’am, it’s omni again. Like I’ve told you twice on our last two calls, the website clearly states that this is an offer for new customers only. As an existing customer, you would have received an introductory offer like this when you joined us. Unfortunately, I’m unable to offer you this promotion. But you do now have the extra theme package and movie package discounted for the next four months!

C: Thanks. (Hangs up)


TL;DR customer calls three times, hoping to speak to someone different who will somehow give her this deal and gets back to me all three times.

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