Kindness begets kindness, sad tale

So, last year I worked in a cell phone call Center for 2 months (they took on extra staff because of a “security breef” meant way more complaints)

I am a hardass. My voice is always monotone and nothing gets to me, this work is easy. We get a monthly limit of cash we can give out as compensation for minor problems and mistakes on our end without having to actually look into the issue

It’s near the end of the first month, I have £650 in my cash limit left Get a call from an old woman, As follow:

ME: Hello Thank you for calling, my name is OP and I am here to assist you blah blah blah

OW: Hello darling I was having a spot of bother with my new telephone

Me: Of course, can I have the account holders name?

OW: Oh I just got this from my grandson, I don’t have one

ME: No problem I can help you set one up right now if you’d like!

I help her set up an account, and as I do she tells me about er grandson who was the only one who remembered her birthday I go to put in the phone model/number/etc. Phone is blacklisted as lost or stolen Ask her if she knows where her grandson bought it?

Tells me no and continues fawning over him.

I unblock the phone, give her an extra £50 as a “birthday gift” from us, we usually give people with us over a year £10 a year also give her £30 as a sign up bonus. I put in the details, find her a contract and get her payment details and all that stuff Finish everything. She thanks and asks if call is recorded

Tell her they record mostly everything

She starts praising me and saying how I should be promoted and get a raise. Thank her and officially gift her £50 as compensation for “wrongfully blocking” the phone

next month, (a week before I left) I get a call from an old man

OM: I’d like to cancel any contract please

Me: Oh I’m sorry sir, may I ask the reason why you are choosing to leave us? (They have a hardon for customer feedback)

OM:Oh… It was my wifes and she passed away recently

Me:.. I am so sorry, I apologize for my insensitivity and you have all our condolences

OM: I understand thank you. Do we keep the phone or do you take it? It is still new and barely used, It was a gift from my grandson

ME: You can keep it or sell it, though it will no longer work with our service and you may have to pay any existing fees and buy out the contract

OM: Oh ok sure….

Me:May I have the details please? The account holders name and the phone number?

He tells me and it sounds familiar It was the old womans phone There was still £135 still unused and she had only received and payed one months bill

Tell him I am seeing some problems with the account and ask if I may call him back? He agrees

I close out the account with the tiny amount due and nullify the account and contract I fill out a reimbursement file, Say that there was an issue and the customer had been forced to pay off the contract when it had been canceled within the “free trial” period

It’s for £1000, I send it up, gets approved within the hour, they just throw money at any of the requests

Call back Old Man

Me: Hello sir it’s OP, I have some information about your account

OM: Oh yes, what seems to be wrong?

ME: I closed the account and cancelled the contract however it seems to have billed you excessively, So I have been approved to reimburse you £1000 for our mistakes

OM: Oh wow, how much did you take? Is it all gone?!

ME: Sir, it seemed there was an issue with the account and it slightly over charged you. We have rectified the mistake

OM: Hold on, what happened to the contract and any outstanding debt?

ME: That has been paid when I closed out the account, your wife had credit on her account and an extra £135 was left after

OM: So what’s the reimbursement for?

ME: During the process of closing out the account I made a mistake and cleared all of the debt and the credit of £135 This is why we are reimbursing you.

OM: £1000, really? Because you lost a hundred pound?

ME: I am sorry sir that is all I am authorized to give you, I again would also like to give my condolences once more

OM:…..Thank you…

Hangs up

That day made me really happy and sad

I never got called out or caught for it, and after that work was just depressing

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