“I’ve misused my account, so I don’t have to pay, right?”

I used to work at a call center responsible for ticketing and other related items for our Local Theme Park.

Despite having revenue goals on an INFORMATION line… (which pissed me off to no end) it wasn’t too terrible, people would occasionally call to buy things so life wasn’t horrible there.

We also covered the Season Pass Services department for everything but the actual payment for it, which is weird (and pissed customers off to no end). Anyway – customer calls in one day from the Local Theme Park entrance. The supervisor voided their season pass for misuse and they demanded that A) I reinstate it, B ) fire the employee, and C) explain why it was voided.

(FYI: the reason was that it was being used by multiple people and being scanned at entirely opposite turnstiles within like 20 seconds)

Policy is that we don’t give the reason, tier 2 customer care has to do it, about ~72 hr turn. IDK but that’s how it was. I explain this to him, start filling out the form, and all hell breaks loose. Screaming about how much he pays (he has the lowest level pass), how we could provide such poor service, he will never go to the Theme Park again. Asks us to cancel his pass – we don’t do cancellations anyway, but especially not for the Payment Plan program. Then says “well if I can’t use it this month I don’t have to pay this month, right?”

I couldn’t even respond. I was in shock that was even a question??? Haha

He’s unhappy when I inform him this isn’t the case, promises to have me fired, angrily hangs up to talk to customer care at the Local Theme Park.

A couple days later I get the followup email: Customer became verbally abusive, was caught taking payment from the other people using the pass, and was banned from the property. Oops 🤷‍♀️

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