Tell Her to Hurry Up

I work at an incoming call center and get a lot of impatient and/or panicked callers. I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet:

Me: “hi this is Illini95, how can I help you?”

Caller (C): “hi, please hold”

Me: … (um, YOU called ME but whatever)

(Lots of fighting in the background between the caller and a shrill woman I assume to be his wife. About 1 minute passes, he’s still away from the phone)

Shrill wife (SW), still in the background: “well tell her (being me) to hurry up!”

At this point I have spoken one sentence to the original caller. SW picks up.

SW: “hello?!”

Me: “hi, can I start with your name and phone number?”

SW: “this is taking too long, I don’t have time for this!”


I’m always secretly glad when these people hang up before using our service, but it sucks when they needlessly take up your time and eat into your stats.

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