I’m a terrible person

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Okay so customer was transferred to me. He was angry now as I was the third time he was transferred. Basically, he needed his modem relocated because he was having service issues. Now, that’s not a customer care issue. If we send a technician out, it’s for vanity purposes and there’s a charge. To move a modem, the charge is $99.95. So if it needs to be moved due to service issues, it goes to tech support as it’s not the customers fault that his service is working properly (obviously). The conversation went like this.

Angry customer: I sure hope you can help me. This is the third time being transferred now. (He proceeds to explain the issue)

Me: I completely understand sir, now for us to move your modem, it’s a charge of $99 because-

AC: Absolutely fucking not. I will not be paying for something that’s not my fault.

Me: (at this point, he’d cut me off multiple times and wouldn’t let me explain that I wanted to warm transfer him back to tech support, as I thought it would be unfair to charge him for it, but he kept cutting me off and wouldn’t let me explain this)

AC: Transfer me to your loyalty department. I want to cancel. Get me to customer service.

Me: I am customer service actually, but-

AC: How can you speak to me with no sympathy? You’re not customer service. You’re an awful representative and can’t do your fucking job.

Me: (ignoring everything he’s saying) I’ll definitely get you to loyalty.

Me: (putting him on hold before he can say anything else and calls loyalty; I’m trying to explain that he’s angry and wouldn’t let me explain things to him but SHE cut me off too and just told me to transfer the call. So I transferred.)

Me: This is xx from loyalty, she will help you from here. Have a good one. (Then I listened in on the call for a few minutes to hear what he was going to say about me. Regretted it.)

AC: I’m disgusted. All the representatives I’ve spoken to have been useless, especially that last one. Awful. She’s a terrible person and doesn’t know how to do her job, telling me that I have to pay for something that’s not my fault! (WHICH I WOULD HAVE FIXED IF HE STOPPED CUTTING ME OFF)

Loyalty rep: Well, there is a charge that comes with it. She was just doing her job. No worries though, we’ll get a technician out at no cost.

I’m a really emotional person and it’s best to have a thick skin working in call centres, obviously but I don’t have that. It’s frustrating when customers say these things when if they just let us speak and explain things, it would avoid a lot of upset. Anybody have advice for staying chill in situations where the customer is just mean?

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