Credit abuser and the comeuppance

First call of the day. Slurred speech. Can’t make out what’s being said. Asks for escalation within the first 10 seconds. After 7 minutes, I manage to squeeze out a name and start drilling into the issues.

C: I’m having…uhhh… issues with…ughhh…it’s not…ugh…loading!

K: I’m so sorry to hear you’re having issues. What exactly is not loading again?

by this time I’ve skimmed notes on the account and see that he’s got 3 rounds of credits from reps just to get him off the line. The adjustments put his account in credit. Yet he’s still calling for more. OK!

I finally get the ball rolling and see his issue. His phone is not receiving calls with custom tunes on the line, allegedly.

K: OK, sir. I’m on it! May I put you on a brief hold to further investigate?

C: uuuh..ok…but…

here I just cut him off and press hold. Proceed to ring the troublesome line and I’m being met with the custom tune he’s been complaining he’s not getting. Yay!

K: Sir, I have just performed a call to your line and everything is working fine. Seeing as this is actually a non-issue, all the credits applied today will be rendered invalid. I have reversed everything that my colleagues have put through since the service has been functioning properly all along. You balance is now back to $XX.YY! May I help you with anything else?

C: No, it’s not solved. You don’t know what you’re saying!!

K: Caller, since there has been no new information revealed that would change the predicament, I am forced to keep to my initial response. If there is nothing else that I may do for you today, I wish you a good night.

C: uhhh…

K: Thanks for calling!

beep, beep. beep.

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