Why I left the call center.

TL;DR, don’t make promises that can be broken by someone else, because you’ll feel like the worst person in the world.

Hey y’all. I am at my new and boring healthcare job where I type stuff into a computer all day, and sometimes I miss being at a call center. The customer interactions were generally pleasant where I worked, and I loved my coworkers. However, the way our business worked and how certain people were treated, I couldn’t continue working there.

For context: I worked for a 3rd party company which handled in certain insurance/coverage for phones/appliances for probably the largest electronic retailer. Often times we have people who need repairs on their Fridge and generally that means it is not cooling. Most of the time, we consider this an “Emergency” and get someone out to them as fast as possible. We have 5 business days exactly otherwise they get a completely new unit for free. So one day we get a call for someone who has this exact issue. Easy. Set up the claim and send it to Escalations. But the dialouge is something I remember clearly. Fast forward into the claim set up process yadda yadda..

Me – M Lady – L

M: Okay, due to the way our scheduler works, we have to submit this to our escalations team and then they will call you back today or tomorrow confirming a date for you.

L: Well… will they be able to fix it soon? Both my daughter and my husband have diabetes, and their insulin might go bad.

M: Firstly, I want to say I completely understand your worry, since I am also diabetic, and secondly, I can guarentee that they will be able to fix it in time.

L: Thank you so much, you’ve been so helpful.

End the call, done. Sent everything over to our escalations team and saved her reference number to keep track of.

A couple of days pass, and it looked like no contact had been made to the customer. I took it upon myself to call the escalations team to see what’s up. They informed me that her contract was going to expire on XX-XX and they couldn’t find anyone to repair it before then so they weren’t able to do anything. Otherwise, they couldn’t be assed to help this poor woman out. I honestly cried a little at my desk. I told my manager the situation, and sort of ghosted my job after that.

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