Christmas cancellations

So at the call center I worked at, we had a “Guaranteed by Christmas or it’s free” policy for a certain window of time before the holidays. Well, the company did some pretty shady shit and canceled 20 thousand orders on Christmas eve because they couldn’t get the items out in time. We were required to tell them it was out of stock instead of the real reason. The days following after Christmas were pretty packed full of angry people, understandably. I was personally blamed for ruining hundreds of Christmases for some weeks.

I have many of these Christmas cancellation stories, but for now, here’s one.

M = me, C = customer.

M: Thank you for calling -business-, how can I-

C: You RUINED my son’s Christmas!

M: I’m sorry for the inconvenience, sir. May I have the order number so I can see the issue?

C: INCONVENIENCE? I bought these gloves for my little boy and now he can’t have them! These gloves are the ONLY thing he wanted! How am I supposed to look my little boy in the face and tell him the one thing he wanted he can’t have? All the other kids on his team will have these gloves and now he’ll have to look at them and know everyone got what they wanted but him!

After apologizing more and trying to keep him calm, he finally gives me the order number. I see on the order that the $130 gloves had canceled, but the other 10 or so items (all for children, I assume his son) were fine. I told him the gloves went OOS and offered a new order for them with a 10% discount. He proceeded to scream out me.

C: YOU THINK A DISCOUNT WILL FIX THIS?! My CHILD was disappointed on Christmas this year! I had to LOOK HIM IN THE EYES and tell him the ONE thing he wanted HE COULDN’T HAVE! Good job, you RUINED a little boy’s Christmas!

He eventually hung up without a new order. I get that the company played dirty pool, but come on, use this as a lesson that you can’t always have what you want when you want it. And if your Christmas was ruined because you didn’t get a material thing, you have much bigger problems than gloves.

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