Your website is screwed up

Airline guy here…Hurricane Irma is bringing out the best in us all. So for those of you not aware we are looking at the largest hurricane of all time there has been a state of emergency issued in at least 3 states at this point and as you can imagine there are literally ZERO chances of booking a new ticket to leave Florida. Ppl need to try to stay safe or plan to drive to safety because there’s just no flights..

So imagine my amusement at a guy who books a flight for NOVEMBER on our website and calls in to claim our system “changed his flight time” and he needs to get out tomorrow. People do this all the time placing a flight on hold but the level of effort someone goes through to pay for a flight they don’t need to support an elaborate lie in the face of a natural crisis is not only deplorable but it’s just pathetic.

your website is screwed up it changed my flight

sir your flight was booked for November I show here that you began the reservation about an hour ago

ok well what are you able to do I need a flight tomorrow
(I didn’t expect him to give in that fast)

what I have available isn’t until Saturday we are recommending customers get to the safest area possible or look for another mode of transportation

so I don’t get a refund?

sure you get a refund sir, but the immediate danger of a hurricane means we would need to look for options to avoid danger. I’m not showing anything are you willing to look on another airline or possibly bus or train I have resources for you

so you mean to tell me you have NOTHING tomorrow

no sir there’s nothing

well I’m looking at a flight right now on your website

are you able to book it?

this is some bullshit click

Adios. Let me assist someone that’s not a cunt.

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