No please, just take over my job!

Hello again TFCC, here’s another one of my horror stories.

I work as a customer service rep for a well known retail chain that is most notable for its high end furniture.

I have a customer on the line who requests a spanish interpreter. Alrighty, no problem. Cx was actually a gem. The interpreter was not. I go ahead and confrence the call.

Me: Alrighty guys, take over the floor-

Interpreter:HOLAAAA?! BLAH BLAH BLAH (no, she didn’t actually say that, ultimately what she did was cut me off to talk in really fast Spanish to the customer)

Cx: Como?

I’m confused as it is because I don’t know Spanish, but from the expression of the Cx, she seemed really confused.

Basically, what ended up going down was this: The Interpreter and the Customer started yelling and cutting eachother off in Spanish while I had to sit back and hear the whole thing.

Eventually the customer hangs up but what happens afterwards between me and the interpreter is where the action really starts:

Me: Ok, what happened? What does the custom-

Interpreter: SHE HUNG UP! sigh Did you not listen to the conversation? Can’t you fix something through that?

Me: Unfortunately I can’t. Since I cannot understand Spanish fluently, I am unable to understand the customer. This is why we needed the interpreter to translate the message to me so that I could assist her in the best possible way.

Int: God, you’re useless. Hangs Up

Do people just hire some crazy person off the street to do this shit?

TL;DR: I have hearing damage through a soap opera.

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