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I don’t know if this counts as call center cuz I work at a front desk but this happened over the phone.

So I work at the front desk of a technology recycling nonprofit that grants out free computers in exchange for 24 hours of volunteering. We don’t use Access or anything similar to keep track of our volunteers because we’re cheap like that. Our scheduling software is web-based and was coded in house when we first started 16 years ago.

So I get a call from a man I’ll call The InterruptorTM . So The InterruptorTM calls and says he’ll be late for his 2-5 shift . Okay, fine, I ask for his name so I can tell my colleagues not to assign his shift to anyone if he’s more than 30 minutes late. I look on the schedule and the following conversation happens:

capn_morgans_revenge: I’m sorry, Sir, I’m not finding you on the afternoon schedule–

The InterruptorTM : Oh, well it better be there! Last time I tried to volunteer with you people, someone mis-scheduled me and I came all the way out from work for nothing! Blah blah blah…

CMR: I’m sorry to hear that, Sir, sometimes our front desk staff make mistakes. If you want, I can look up your volunteer ID number–

TI: You can look, but it won’t be there [on the morning schedule]. It’s [number].

I look, and sure enough, he was scheduled to be there that morning at 10.

CMR: So I do see that there was a shift for this morning at–

TI: See, that’s impossible! I work graveyard until 2, why would I schedule something for when I’m working???

CMR: I don’t know, Sir, I can only see what was put on the schedule–

TI: So you’re telling me that I took off early from work, walked four miles from the bus stop, and am now coming all the way from [far away], just for you to tell me I can’t volunteer today?

CMR: I’m sorry, Sir, it does look that way–

TI: Look, you guys are pretty chill there, can’t you just find some work for me to do for my last two hours before I get my computer? I need this computer for my kid’s school so she can do school work!

CMR (At this point I was genuinely going to try to find him something to do around the building, cleaning or something, especially since he was coming from so far and we already screwed up once): Well if you want I can–

TI: Look, I’m really trying not to get upset, because I know it’s personally not your fault, but I’m pretty pissed! I missed out on income and walked several miles to get to a bus to come to you! (He’s probably exaggerating; the area he was coming from has like half a dozen bus lines running through it).

CMR: I understand your frustration, Sir–

TI: Look, can I just talk to your boss? If your boss tells me I can’t volunteer today, then that’s fine, you’ll never hear from me again, you can take the computer and spit on it for all I care!

CMR: I’m sorry you feel that way, Sir. Please hold while I transfer you.

Either I screwed up transferring him, he hung up before my supervisor could answer, or she told him something he didn’t want to hear, because within the next fifteen minutes we got probably a dozen hang up calls, presumably from him. We’d answer, we’d hear some shuffling of the phone, and he’d hang up. Just being petty and childish.

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