It is NOT a pet it’s a SERVICE ANIMAL

Airline guy…

So there’s a phenomenon here all of a sudden it seems since there’s no jurisdiction regarding “emotional support” and “special assistance” animals on carriers in the us. Basically you can pay a couple bucks and get a fake document and amazon prime an animal vest and claim that you are protected under the disabilities act that voids you from paying for a pet on a flight. There no resources to go after these people because nothing has been allocated to really deal with these liars. So we don’t really care unless they get caught in a lie, then it’s just tough titty.

So what we do is give them the benefit of the doubt if they can call in and let us know ahead of time and send in their documentation or you get charged at the airport. Simple as that. Or so I thought

yes I need to speak with someone from your emotional support animal line

ok absolutely is this in regards to your flight on the 31st


ok all that we need is your support animal verification forms you can fax those or arrive to the airport with them

excuse me?????

we verify your documents prior to travel, send them in and we will get you and your support pet take care of

EXCUSE ME it is NOT a PET it is a support animal

. . .


of course, so I can set this up for you would you like our fax?

I never have to send anything in to other airlines I just call and you add it each time.

im afraid that we may do things a little differently from other airlines in that respect we do need the documents sent to us


maam in that case we would charge a fee to travel with a pet

EXCUSE ME. You just said it again, it is not a pet

(At this point I’m amused at how she centers the discussion about my choice of words which apply to her situation and not the blaring fact that she has no documentation to send in as proof that she in fact has a support animal)

maam, you are traveling with a pet in the eyes of our policies if you dont go through the appropriate channels to receive the paperwork for your support ANIMAL

we will see about that CLICK

I flagged her reservation for a callback from our disabilities department. They’re going to prohibit her travel with an animal on the day of without the forms, or she’s going to cough up the pet transportation fee.

TLDR: lady demands her support pet be treated with respect, unable to send in documents for classification because she never obtained forms. Refuses to pay for pet at the airport. Hangs up.

What is an emotional support animal supposed to assist with in the event of an emergency anyway…

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